German riesling seems to be one of the last treasured, traditional wines of the world that delivers a great experience for a steal. The Von Hovel estate produces wines that punch well above their weight class, serious value. Max von Kunow has recently taken over the estate, gearing the wines toward organic viticulture, long hang times, and a slow gentle crush for select wines. He was consulting in Luxembourg before returning to the estate, a 21-hectare operation out of a manor house from the 12th century. Located in the Saar—a premiere spot for Riesling in the Mosel, and one that has produced some of our favorites in recent memory. This is seriously delicious and complex wine, producing a quality that Max refers to as “mineral ripeness.” Crisp, clean minerality over an array of fruit...what riesling does so well.

We’re offering today the 2015 Hutte Oberemmel Riesling Kabinett. Indigenous yeast and at 9% ABV, very drinkable. Spiced fruit and floral components come together in the glass. Over the course of time you’ll see jumps from slight berry and Gardenia, to grapefruit and orange blossom notes taking shape. Pair with wurst cooked in beer, and drink before the sun goes down

Von Hovel Hutte Oberemmel Riesling Kabinett 2015 - $27 $23


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