With setting up our new home at 237 Bedford Ave, it's been a while since we've been able to put out an offer! We're excited to get these going again, and today we have for you Claire Naudin's 2017 Aligoté 'Mallon'—a bright spot of a wine to bring some joy to the waning days of February. The Naudin family has been laboring in vineyards and making wine since the 1500s, and their family domain has been around for over a century. The domain underwent some significant shifts when Claire came to the helm in the mid 1990s. A thoughtful and critically minded leader, Claire moved the estate to organic agriculture and undertook a more low-intervention approach in the cellar. It's noteworthy, however, that Claire herself eschews any dogmatism in her winemaking, or standardization of her practices. Instead, she puts her faith in her ability to grow and innovate, and for future generations to do the same. She has famously clashed with appellation standards at times, her allegiance, above anything else, to her fruit, her land, and the people who care for it. Her 2017 Aligoté 'Mallon' is graced with artwork from the artist Raphael Mallon, a friend of Naudin's. The two share the belief that winemaking and painting alike are acts of creativity and questioning. In Claire's own words, 'Mallon' is a simple wine to be drunk with anything. We're not sure "simple" really does this wine justice, but it sings through its effortlessness. Quality here meets ease. We think ‘Mallon’ is best served as an aperitif, as it requires no food to shine, only friends to share it between. Light and fresh, find notes of grapefruit pith, rocks, dandelions, and, quietly, toasted almonds.

- Jenn

Claire Naudin, Bourgogne Aligoté 'Mallon', 2017  $25.99, 10% off with code CD10

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